Bethsaida Healthcare Solutions Ltd. (BHSL) is proudly Nigerian! is an accredited Health Maintenance Organization The Company is a fully licensed private commercial health insurance company with expertise to administer healthcare financing plans and services that ensure paid-for and timely healthcare delivery. At Bethsaida Health, we understand Nigerian’s health system well and have tailored our policies to provide comprehensive and competitive insurance for all categories of people; for corporate organizations with their staff and dependants, for families and for individuals. .

We offer very comprehensive and quality healthcare insurance services, which include but not limited to; hospital consultations, surgeries, dental care, prescribed drugs, optical care, etc. Bethsaida Health partners with 400 plus accredited Health Service Providers (HSPs) across Nigerian’s 36 States to provide healthcare to our cherished Policyholders. Our accredited facilities cut across the various forms of health services in Nigeria, including private healthcare, governmental healthcare, mission hospitals, clinics, laboratories, diagnostic centers, optical centers, dental clinics and pharmacies.

Bethsaida Health holds fast to our competencies in the following:

  • Prompt payment of claims to health service providers partners,
  • Health insurance company with a solid growth rate,
  • Expansive health service provider network in Ghana,
  • Highest retention rate of clients,
  • Efficient and effective customer care management,
  • Experienced and dedicated staff.


“To be a world class private health insurer and the brand of choice”  


“To be the leading player in the private health insurance industry offering the Nigerian public affordable and quality healthcare through a network of reputable service providers nationwide..”