Our Benefits

Our Benefits

Bethsaida Health Care Limited Cover has a range of health benefits to suit your needs. Our offering includes comprehensive in-patient and out-patient benefits, without co-payments, including treatment of all life-threatening medical conditions. Our generous overall limits and chronic medicine benefits, including HIV cover, extend to all registered members and dependants.

To the Employer

  • Better financial planning for healthcare benefits to employees.
  • Pre-paid premium, which makes it simple for you to budget for your healthcare needs in advance.
  • Guaranteed savings of (20 – 40)% on yearly medical bills. Consequent upon this, more funds can be made available    for other equally beneficial welfare packages for staff such as pension and retirement benefits, home ownership  schemes, etc.
  • Guaranteed benchmark quality assurance.
  • Improved health outcomes to employees.
  • No hidden charges, no co-payments and no restrictions on the number of attendances or in-patient admission days    provided that the premium for the service type has been paid.
  • Improvement in other staff welfare benefits arising from savings on medical.
  • Eliminates the administrative burden of receiving and vetting medical bills and of keeping track of healthcare costs.

To the Employee

  • Guaranteed access to quality healthcare services.
  • Better and wider choice of primary care services.
  • User-friendly healthcare provider network.
  • Efficient referral system through primary to secondary to tertiary levels of care.
  • Portability for emergency or out-of-station care.
  • No penalty for cost of usage.
  • Access to counseling on immunization services.
  • Guaranteed customer service satisfaction.
  • Peace of mind.

In-Patient Benefits

Our in-patient health benefits cover admission to hospital and general nursing services.

Out-Patients Benefit

Our out-patient health benefits cover day-to-day medical treatment that does not require hospitalisation.

Emergency Transfers and Evacuations

We include benefits for transport from the country where the emergency occurs to the nearest, appropriate medical facility in your region of cover.